Graduation Ceremony

Graduation day dinner
Graduation day dinner

The DSCSC awards the symbol of psc (passed staff college course) on successful completion of the course. The DSCSC is affiliated to the BUP, which awards MSS in Security Studies degree to all students who qualify in the MSS programme.

The Graduation Ceremony takes place at the end of the course. Generally the Honourable President/Prime Minister becomes the Chief Guest. Col GS performs as the Master of the Ceremony.

Graduation Dinner is arranged at the end of the courses (Army, Navy and Air Staff Course). All student officers, DS and Staff Officers are invited in the Graduation Dinner. Besides, following personalities are also invited:



Group photo of the graduation day
Group photo of the graduation day
  • Chief Guest (Services Chiefs in rotation)
  • Defence Secretary
  • Principal Staff Officers of three Services
  • Principal Staff Officers of AFD
  • Concerned Directors of three Services
  • DAs of Overseas Students
  • Staff Officers of Chief Guest