One medical specialist and a lady doctor are available from 0730 hours to 1400 hours on working days in the Medical Inspection (MI) Room of the College. The MI Room remains open all the time with a nursing assistant on duty. In the MI Room routine medical check up and outdoor treatment of ordinary ailments are provided. Ambulance services are provided for evacuation of sick/casualties from residence to MI Room. Serious patients are evacuated to the CMH at Dhaka Cantonment. Medical facilities at the military hospital are free for officers (including overseas officers) and their families as prescribed in the service Rules of Bangladesh. Officers intending to report sick must take permission from his syndicate DS and inform syndicate leader/any other course member of the syndicate and also clearly know his medical disposal given by Staff Surgeon. If no disposal is given an officer must join his class. In case a disposal is given, this must be informed to Teaching DS and also syndicate leader/any member of the syndicate. Following facilities are also available in MI Room:

  • ECG
  • Microscopic Test
  • Laboratory Test
  • Dressing Room
  • Heat Therapy