DSCSC Library

DSCSC has a modern and well-stocked library. The library is the largest military library in the country. It has books, journals, newspapers, magazines and numerous other publications of professional and general interest. It subscribes to well-known publications of home and abroad. The library has photocopying facilities for the students. They can also take the advantage of the video library, which is part of the overall facility. Library timing is adjusted to suit students’ conveniences. The families of the students and permanent staff can also avail the facilities of the library.

The well-staffed library holds more than 30,000 books and 742 pamphlets. The College subscribes to 42 journals and 17 newspapers and magazines of both local and international recognition. The library has Internet facility by which users can browse through the treasure of knowledge of various sources.

The library Management System is run on a computerized database and issue and deposit of books are done through a computer terminal. Besides the expert and experienced library staffs provide reference services.

The library is divided into different sections for easy reference and locations of books. A brief description of the sections are as follows:

Reference Section
Reference Section consists of quick reference books like dictionaries, encyclopaedias, yearbooks, handbooks, guidebooks, gazeteers, maps, atlasses, standard textbooks. Important articles and research works from reputed journals are maintained regularly in Research Retrieval Files (RRF) to help students in their research works. Important paper clippings from newspapers, magazines and journals are also maintained as reference materials.

General Section
This section holds the books on English language, Bangla fiction, English fiction, Recreation, Religion, Economics, Management, Law, Education, Administration, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Medical Science, Engineering, Sociology, Psychology, Politics, International Relations etc.

Military Section
Army, Navy, Air Force, Biography, Military History, Military Strategy, World Wars, Military Intelligence, Counter Revolutionary Warfare and Nuclear Warfare, Arms Control, Arms & Weapons etc are the major subjects of this section.

Area Study Section
This section is divided by continents and then by countries. It includes the History, Geography, Economics and Culture of the respective countries.

Pamphlet Section
The library has 4 categories of pamphlets:

  • Bangladesh Service Pamphlets
  • British Service Pamphlets
  • US Service Pamphlets
  • Misc Pamphlets (kept in confidential section)

Journal Section
The Journal Section is broadly divided into the following areas with journals/magazines arranged in the alphabetical order of their titles:

  • Professional Journals
  • International and Strategic studies
  • Army
  • Navy
  • Air Force
  • General Readings

Confidential Section
This section deals with the pamphlets/precis of foreign origin and Military research projects, and Commandant’s Paper, NISS paper of student officers. This section is available to DS only.