DSCSC Computer Lab

DSCSC has a Local Area Network (LAN) where almost all the computers are connected. DSCSC is maintaining a high speed Broadband Internet connection. This facility is also extended to the officers’ accommodation. Computer Cell of DSCSC is responsible for administering and maintenance of the network and Computer Lab. In addition, a Video Lab is also available.

All the student officers are issued with a laptop from college. Besides, each syndicate now has computer with projection facility. The students use it for preparing their exercise papers and presentations. Presently the Student Lab has 20 Computers exclusively for their academic use with Internet facilities. In addition to office hours, the Student Lab remains open as per the students’ requirement. Printing facility, both black & white and color is also available.

The College has one of the finest Internet services for the students free of cost for their research and academic works. In addition, they can also avail Internet facility at home for unlimited use at a nominal charge.