Student Officers carry out various important written assignments involving substantial research work through out the course. These are dissertation (also called Commandant’s Paper), GRP, NRP, ARP and Strategic Studies.


Since 2008 DSCSC has been affiliated to the BUP. Students having requisite qualification are awarded MSS. This has added a new dimension and importance to the Staff Course in DSCSC. Commandant’s Paper is considered as dissertation for the MSS degree, for those eligible, and is one of the papers of MSS examination.

Students submit their choices of topic from a list given by the College. The paper is to be of approximately 7000 words and 07 months are allotted to complete the work.


These projects are undertaken to keep pace with the time and understand the changing nature and environment. These projects are a continuation of the research to be carried out by the students on land warfare, naval warfare and air warfare. The topics are normally allotted to the students by the College as per the requirement of the services Headquarters.

Strategic studies

An important aspect of the education of a commander or staff is the development of a strategic vision. This module is designed to enable the students of naval and air wing to analyze and understand important national, regional and international political, economic and security issues which are of interest to Bangladesh.