The aim of DSCSC Course is to develop the professional knowledge and understanding of selected officers of the three Services in order to prepare them for the assumption of increasing responsibilities both as staff and in command.


DSCSC, is a tri-service institution, which conducts 45% of the curriculum on joint service matters and subjects, while 55% are devoted to individual service studies. The syllabus covers approximately 1700 periods of 35 minutes each. Core subjects include staff duties, tactics, management, strategy, logistics, joint/single-service/combined operation/warfare, leadership, counter-insurgency operations, operations other than war etc. There are a number of recent research works that the students have to undertake both individually and in groups on employment of forces and force structuring, professional matters/subjects, strategic studies, socio-economic topics etc. Students are required to go through the military decision-making process both individually and in teams.

To enhance awareness, students are also exposed to relevant aspects of strategic and international studies. Special emphasis is laid on the studies relating to South Asia. UN peacekeeping and Disaster Management also figure prominently in the curriculum.

Above all, learning through the interaction amongst the students from different countries with varied experience and eminent scholars from home and abroad are important components in the curriculum.


Participating Officers are selected by the respective services Headquarters through a comprehensive selection procedure that includes competitive examinations and consideration of professional and personal qualities including suitability for holding senior ranks in the services. To become eligible for appearing in the entrance examination, an officer must have minimum 8 years of commissioned service and recommendation for attending the Staff College in the Annual Confidential Reports (ACR). Most students attending the course are Major or of equivalent rank of the three services. Few of them are Lieutenant Colonels or of equivalent ranks, provided they fulfill other requirements. There is also an age bar for the students of Bangladesh Armed Forces to attend the course.