Preparation Time for Research Work

A considerable part of the course is devoted to private study and research, which is spread throughout the year to allow students to research for individual and group research projects. It is left to individuals to look ahead and plan their work and private study periods. Students need lot of library works and internet browsing for such works. They are expected to use the periods allocated for research work meticulously in order to produce a truly research based paper.

Pattern of Research Works

Students have to undertake many research works and write a number of service papers individually or in groups. Besides, the wings do undertake single service researches covering their own fields of interest. Few important research works are mentioned below:

  • Strategic Studies Paper
    This comprises a paper of about 3000 words on national and international topics of common concern followed by an oral presentation. This is a group research work for Naval and Air Wing students.
  • Individual Research Paper (IRP)
    This is an individual research on national, international, socio-economic and military-related topics. This is also considered as the dissertation paper for the MSS (7000 to 10000 words) degree, which the author has to defend in front of a team comprising University Professors and Directing Staff. The best paper from Army, Navy, Air Wing and Overseas Student Officers are also awarded.